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In this month's newsletter we are pleased to offer articles about Freedom Square in Kharkiv, Radisson Blue Resort Coming to Bukovel, and Yaroslav I the Wise.

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Latest Articles:

Freedom Square in Kharkiv

Kharkiv is the administrative capital of the Kharkiv Oblast and is Ukraine's second largest city. It is a very historical city, as it was the country's first city that was proclaimed to be under Soviet power and where the Soviet ...

Radisson Blue Resort Coming to Bukovel

One of the world's largest and ever growing hotel groups is the Rezidor Hotel Group, and it has recently announced that it will be opening a resort in Bukovel, Ukraine. If all goes according to plan, the resort will open its doors in ...

Yaroslav I the Wise

The history of Yaroslav I the Wise reads like an intricate novel of deception and of victory. The rule of Yaroslav was not only vital to Novgorod and Kiev, but he left a permanent historical mark on the country. He is remembered ...

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