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In this month's newsletter we are pleased to offer articles about Beautiful Synevir Lake, kaZantip Republic 2010, and Discover Cycling in Ukraine.

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Latest Articles:

Beautiful Synevir Lake

If you believe the legends of the Synevir Lake, the lake was created by the thousands of tears shed by Syn when her love was murdered on the orders of her father thousands of moons ago. Sculptors, Mykhailo Sanych and Ivan ...

kaZantip Republic 2010

The massive kaZantip Republic began as a huge party that would always follow a major surfing competition. It began to grow in popularity and in size, and by the time it became an independent event in 1992, five to six ...

Discover Cycling in Ukraine

In Ukraine, cycling has always been a popular form of transport, especially in the smaller villages and rural areas. Visitors often turn to cycling as a mode of exploration and discovery, with mountain bikers taking on ...

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