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Yalta Powerboat Season Opener

There are two classes in Powerboat P1 World Championship racing, namely Supersport and Evolution. During a race weekend there are Endurance and Sprint races in each class. To ensure fair competition, all boats are fitted with twin engine monohulls and run either on petrol or on diesel...

Granite-Steppe Lands of Buh

Located in the Mykolaiv Oblast of Ukraine, the Granite-steppe lands of Buh make up a picturesque natural destination for tourists and adventure seekers. It covers an area of more than six thousand hectares, and its diverse landscapes offer photographers perfect opportunities to capture its...

Tysovets Ski Resort

Looking for an exciting winter sport adventure? Why not check out Tysovets Ski Resort. Situated just 32 km from Skole, this is an easily reached destination and the great thing is that your skiing adventure won't cost you a fortune. The town of Skole in Ukraine's Lviv Oblast stands along...

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